We have been channeling Mezz and Debt investments in Infrastructure Assets across Energy and Transportation Sectors.

We have traditionally been India-focused. Now also keen on opportunities in Nordics, Far East Asia, and East Europe.

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Bid Advisory

Highly skilled Team matching opportunities with Global Corporations having similar interests and capabilities. We also assist mid-cap Construction Companies with development interests, to structure successful PPP Bids. We help identify unviable projects at the outset, using proprietary 360-degree empirical risk and investment management solutions.

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We have incubated and handed over to Private and Public Agencies projects worth over € 20 Bn across Transportation and Energy Sectors. These include Railway Station development, Waste-Water Management, Clean Tech and more.

We introduced the concept of PuP (Public Public Partnership) to Infrastructure Development and partnered large global public corporations and agencies in helping incubate new projects to solve chronic problems.

High Capital and Low Return are our favorite issues to tackle.

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